My first clear memories of automating a task on a computer date back to the mid 1990s. Those were hardly more than naive toys, yet I remember how I already then made sure that what I did in code had a practical application. Such as reminding myself of the homework I had to prepare for the day ahead, generating practice Morse-code signal sequences for my radiotelegraphy club, or searching for an optimal span of employment history to maximize payouts for a family member planning for retirement.

Having studied for a language degree, I started my professional career as a translator and interpreter, and went on to become a book publisher, then a researcher in machine translation, a business administrator, and eventually a software engineer. I wrote a doctoral thesis (in Bulgarian) along the way, building upon some of my early ideas about the way data-driven methods can be harnessed to deliver measurable outcomes. Fast-forward to today, my work is dominated by client data and how to make sense of it for my clients’ benefit. I am still learning the ways of modern, agile software development.

This is a place I’d like to explore for my own personal use. The opinions expressed are entirely my own, and not those of any organization I may be affiliated with. Likewise any errors and omissions. For those who would like to connect with me professionally, and to exchange ideas, please get in touch via my LinkedIn profile.